Gwandara and Festive Period

The Gwandara tribe in Nigeria has a well-decorated traditional festive period which covers different social gathering.

This festive period just like the cultural heritage has given them a unique cultural identity celebrated every year after all farm produced have been harvested. It is always accompanied by different displays from various localities as directed and known culturally.

Additionally, The traditional dancing patterns which covers different social gathering which has given them a unique cultural identity brings honor to the Gwandara people as well service to their culture. The Gwandara speaking people festive period is always accompanied by different cultural masquerades, few are mentioned as follows: Abokyo, Okoku, Akuki, Anaruko, Adamaruko, Akililinki dance patterns.

Note that:The most recent dancing pattern and as well as dancing competition in order to portray the true culture and festive period of Gwandara people took place recently: 02 | 04 | 2018; at Idu-Koro, Abuja Municipal Area Council headed by Hon. Tanko Abari – Jiwa (GWADECA National Chairman), Alh. Jibrin Abdullahi – Karshi (GWADECA Chairman – Abuja Chapter), And many Gwandara Royal Fathers, Political Elites and others.

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