Gwadeca to build headquarter at Karshi – Sen. Al-Makura

His Excellency, the former Governor: Umaru Tanko Al-makura of Nasarawa state said that it had become necessary for ethnic groups to revive their cultures and traditions going into extinction. He said that promotion of Nigeria’s culture would curtail Western influence on the citizens. He advised the younger generations should be encouraged to participate actively in such festivals to be able to appreciate them and give less attention to foreign ways of lives.

Al-makura said that undue western influence was misleading some young Nigerians, some of whom, he said, had been involved in vices. He described the cultural display by Gwandara people as timely in view of its importance to the present generation fast losing cultural values, norms and identities. The monarch hoped that, the display would mark the beginning of culture promotion among Gwandara people. “Gwandara people have a rich culture, and we are proud of our tradition; we must do everything possible to promote it,” he said. 
The cultural display was organized by the Sarkin Kwandare to showcase different traditional dances, for that he suggested that there will be need to build a headquarter at Karshi FCT – Abuja, so that it will serve as a converging land for GWADECA nationwide when the need arises. It was indeed understood and welcomed by the GWADECA nationwide.

As edited & posted by: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha

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