Balewa Foundation Honored ALH. YAKUBU KARSHI


Sir Abubakar TAFAWA Balewa Foundation of Nigeria today honored Alh. Yakubu Saidu with the award as the best philanthropy of the year, the Award was to heighten the visibility of giving in Nigeria, the award honors an individual, business, and youth who have exhibited significant charitable giving, insightful leadership and volunteerism, and who encourage others to contribute by example. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Foundation continues its long tradition of presenting the Philanthropy of the Year awards at the annual Celebration of Philanthropy event, this year virtually! Local individual, business, and youth philanthropists were honored for their contributions to the community. All recipients share a common theme of taking action to improve their community. Harriet Tubman’s quote best explains the recipients’ shared character;

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have with you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world of the Year 2020.

Over the many years, Alh. Yakubu Saidu Karshi, have provided support by serving on numerous individuals, nonprofit boards, rolling up their sleeves to volunteer and providing much needed financial assistance. For Alh. Yakubu Saidu Karshi, his philanthropy is just a fact of life. he credited his community and the FCT at large, and upbringing for instilling the values of giving back to the community. It is something you just do. He believe that being a leader with the texture and the fabric of the community, people can have an impact and keep what is important to them. Their contributions allow them to expand their network of friends and colleagues and truly benefit from being in the Karshi and the FCT. Accepting this award is a difficult and uncomfortable experience Alh Yakubu Everyone who knows him understands that Yakubu go quietly about making our community better and seek no fanfare, but rather see the value of his philanthropic efforts through the positive effects seen across the FCT and the nation at large.

As summarized in one of his many nominations, his humble and unassuming presence belies a commitment to a variety of organizations and to the Valley. Yakubu do not ask for recognition, he just want to make the FCT a great place to live and to preserve the places and institutions that make our community special and unique.” Congratulations my Boss.

Comr. Ahmed Abdullahi JUSTICE – Edited by: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha!

4 thoughts on “Balewa Foundation Honored ALH. YAKUBU KARSHI

  1. Alh. Yakubu Saidu karshi (YS) cannot only be seen as a philanthropists but a special creator and savior to the people of his immediate community and humanity in general.

    Words only cannot express how happy we are to have been blessed with such personality. It’s our prayers that Allah’s guidance and prosperity shall always be his portion. Ameen

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