11 – Brothers FC: Kurudu Indigenous Football Club.

Introduction To 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club)

11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) is a football club owns by the original inhabitant of Kurudu community; the club were reasonably consistent club for most of their history, people nowadays usually associate them with the football juggernaut they’ve become. Not much of a surprise, considering the club won the majority of their 75% of their indigenous games and competitions. 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Foot Ball Club) have won titles, they’ve also found success in Abuja Municipal and as well among other Gwandara communities, becoming the only Indigenous club in Kurudu to participate in most competitions.

The Then 11 – Brothers Prominent Players:

  • Usman Yahaya (Awoske)
  • Adamu Tatah (Bagu)
  • Alih Skandy Tela – Goal Keeper (Bugi)
  • Ahmadu Sarki (Bahago)
  • Jibrin Bako (Ladan)
  • Yakubu Yusuf (Osundu)
  • Mohammadu Makama (Kalankuwa)
  • Salihu Aliyu (Bola)
  • Tanko Isyaka Madaki (Jagua) – Captain
  • Idris Sarki (Zero)
  • Halidu Tanko
  • Yahaya Muhammed (Mali)
  • Sikiru Yoruba
  • Dahiru Nuhu Wakili (Smally)
  • Ibrahim Sarki (Charly Boy)
  • Sani Abubakar
  • Umar Dan-Zarriya
  • Muhammad Rabiu Sarki (Mboma)
  • Usman Ahamed Shagari (Bukata)
  • Bello Sarki (Magaji)
  • Iliyasu Sarki (Papa)
  • Alhaji Aliyu (Skido) And many more that are not mentioned here. Additionally, the then technical staff and as well as supporters includes: Yahaya Giwa, Adamu Baba, Ibrahim Adabona (Danbayi), Tanko Ataru (Abu Na Maigiya), Yusuf Makama (Na’ibi), Shua’ibu Awoje (sarkin Aska), Salihu Aruwa (Sarkin Pawa), Ali Sarki, Audu Kogi (Madaki), Ali Noma (Sarkin Noma), Musa M. Ataru, and more of it – Sarkin Kurudu (Mallam Haliru Bako) was and still strong supporter.

11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) was founded around 1980s during the reign of their ancestral lands at Kupayi, which was earlier named or known as Giji Tukupi Football Club according to the history narrated but later transformed into a new football FC by Usman Yahaya at about early 1990s with the name “Sun Shine FC” and later changed to 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) by the then late head coach – Muhammadu Atikpa; his original idea was to fit in the team into an existing football team, but after a while the name was adopted by the players and the community at large.

The biggest team in the community:

11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Foot Ball Club) has quickly proved to be a hit with the local and indigenous supporters and established itself as the indigenous club owns by Gwandara folks in the community. In the lately 1999, the club became the first in the history of Orozo Ward – Abuja Municipal with an excellent performance to win many trophies including that of Orozo ward cup (sponsored by Hon. Chris) after beating rivals (11 – Planners FC – a team owns by the Gbagyi Speaking of Kurudu). 11-Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Foot Ball Club) became also home football club for indigenous players in the community. Yet, the first five decades of the club’s existence were not overly fruitful.

Their first official competition was at about early 1998 in Orozo, a nearby community and it was a shock for everyone, especially considering the club had no social and football exposure. Unexpected success was recorded in the beginning of the competition and later been hit hard by Orozo Staff College Team by Seven (7) goals to One (1) at the final becoming the runners up.

The New Look of 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club):

As it turned out, those were their last competitions for a while; with many others regarding the redevelopment of community, 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) soon found themselves in a precarious position of collapsing and leads to 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Foot Ball Club) to poor results in most of their games as the club officials were desperately fighting to pick up shapes in every festive periods.

The Return Of 11 – Brothers FC to the spotlight:

The club did not return to the spotlight until 2011 with the appointment of Coach M. Sani (Tanko Kundiki) and Musa Muhammed-Mustapha as player-managers. 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) were once again one of the most exciting clubs in the history of Gwandara Nations. The club did not manage to go all the way, they did enjoy some success with victories since the emergent of: Coach M. Sani (Tanko Kundiki) and Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.

11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) was at this period, the team hugely dominated by Gwandara speaking folks marked a new era in communal football history. 11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) now have the total number of more than 30 players namely:

  • Keepers
  • Umar Ango
  • Abdullahi Muhammad-Saeed
  • Abdul-Mumeen Ibrahim
  • Jibrin A. (Atunku)
  • Defenders:
  • Alhassan Sarki
  • Auwal Tanko
  • Aminu Salisu
  • Sanusi Ibrahim
  • Mustapha Tanko
  • Surajo Adamu
  • Jameel Abdullahi
  • Dalhatu Jibrin
  • Midfielders:
    • Muhammad-Sani Tanko
    • Muhammed-Kabir Yusuf
    • Muhammed Abdul-Kadir
    • Sani Yahaya
    • Khalil H. Ibrahim
    • Abdul-Azeez Usman (AZ – Wasa)
    • Isah Yusuf (Mallam Aruwa)
    • M. Sherif Abubakar
    • Musa Salisu
    • Abdul-Malik Sarki
  • Attackers:
  • Abdullahi Usman
  • Umar Salisu (Top 9)
  • Aliyu Mahmoud Sarki (Dan Sarki)
  • Is’haq Suleiman Sarki
  • Comrade Jibrin Nuhu
  • Mansir M.Manchi
  • Coaches:
  • Muhammad-Sani Salisu Tanko
  • Musa Muhammed-Mustapha

11 – Brothers FC (Kurudu Indigenous Football Club) continued to be a dominant force in Kurudu Community, winning more competitional games.

Reference: Usman Yahaya – Awoske & Tanko Isyaka Madaki | Edited and Posted By: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.

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