That Truest Son of Gwandara (Engr. Shittu) Felicitate With Christians Faithful – SMS Karshi!

The chief construction officer of Masarki Nigeria Limited – Engr Shittu Usman Chidawa, MNSE; felicitate with the Christian brethren on the Eve of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ by donating. According to that Media Promoter (Sani Musa Sarkin-pada Karshi) says and as witnessed:

Twenty (20) bags of rice, Twenty (20) set of already sown clothes and Five (5) set of rappers to the the orphans and widowers was given out to add more value to the celebrants. Recalled during the last Sallah celebration, same gesture was accorded to the Muslims’ ORPHANS/WIDOWERS to ease their suffering and to enable them celebrate without the thinking of “HAD IT BEEN MY HUSBAND/FATHER WERE ALIVE MY CHRISTMAS WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER OFF” but this time around it’s for Christian families that enjoyed the gesture. Therefore, he urged all the beneficiaries and the entire Christendom to learn from the good teaching of Jesus Christ of living in peace and harmony and to pray for our dear Nation who is currently facing different forms of insecurities and economic recession.

The beneficiaries are: THE ORPHANS – Precious Chizoba, Grace Okewu, Faith Maikeffi, Ramatu Titus, Emmanuel Adam, Jamimah Monday, Amanda Jude, Praise Favor, Deborah Onayi, Comfort Solomon, Endurance Bobo, Mercy Godwin, Faith Daniel, Nancy Abdullahi, Princess Daniel, Jessica Osiya, Rebecca John, Faith Musa, Jamie John.

FOR THE WIDOWERS: Pauline Edeh, Esther Ishaya, Nana Anakwe, Asibi Jonah, Maman Murna, Judith Doshinma, Maman Janet, Matan Mantalk, Mrs Annah Attah, Matan Adamu Gwari, Jummai John, Matan Dakkus, Matan Capinta, Maman Junior, Mercy Adanu, Lami Audu, Fabari Wasiya, Celina Angwa, Deborah john, Blessing Joshua.

FOR THE RAPPERS: Enne Joy, Mamman Ginika, Matan Adamu, Maman Deborah, and Maman Jonathan. It’s on this premises that, we pray may Allah in his infinite mercies continue to bless, protect and guide Engr Shittu Usman Chidawa beyond measure as well as continue to prosper his boss and the BOSS of all bosses Alh. Yakubu Saidu (the CEO Masarki Group) in many folds. Ameen.

As written by: Sani Musa Sarkin-pada | Edited and Posted By: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.

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