Foreign Religions In The Ancient Gwandara Land

Prior to the advent of any form of contact with the Arabs and the Europeans, the ancient Gwandara societies in Nigeria were completely traditional religion practitioners.

Anthropological and historical studies have shown that Gwandara people were not directly converted by Arabs Islamic Movement neither Christian Foreign Missionaries. Their conversion was purely aided by the native believers of Islamic that were their neighbors and the few that are Christians; it was also the same way that they were converted.

By the time the foreign religions especially Islam and Christianity were introduced, this society called Gwandara society embraced them although a few still practice traditional religion. Predominantly, presently, Gwandara people are Muslims by faith and few among them are Christians and traditional worshippers.

With the introduction of the two foreign religions to Nigeria, the country became secularized. So many foreign religions have since been introduced. They include Eckankar, Amorc, Grail message and Hare Krishna, Bahamas faith e.t.c. these religions are not as popular as Islam and Christianity. In fact , if the populations of the worshippers of this other religions are put together, they would not be up to one-tenth of the population of Muslims and Christianity.

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As written by: HRH, (Dr.) Sani Mohammed Bako III | Edited & Posted by: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha.

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