IDU-KORO Community Celebrates the Newly Crowned Madaki & Magajiya!

Gwandara turban system can only be understood in the context of their kingships or leadership system. That is, kingship places an important role in Gwandara leadership system and provide the basic for position of leadership in Gwandara. The leader or ruler generally is surrounded by kinsmen who guide and advise him. The Gwandara also take part within the political system. Private life, public life and public activities of Gwandara leaders are often closely linked and perhaps not as clearly separated as in western society, position of leadership is inherited from royal relative.

From the beginning, the Gwandara had one main political unit, the village is headed by the “Sarki” that is the chief of among the Gwandara – the highest political unit a person belong to is called the “male royal family”, the members of this family allowed by right to contest for selection to the throne of the chief. The male royal house is consisted by the male descendant. They women royal lineage or maternal lineage constitute the “female royal family” who traced their membership through their mothers. The female lineages are only allowed to contest in the area of Madaki as it was on this day dated 06-03-2021. The female aspect of the family are not allowed to contest for the throne of Sarki in Gwandara land but they are responsible for electing the chief right from the pre-colonial up to the present day. The Madaki, Galadima, Wambai, Sheki Daki and Madoci are all from the female royal houses.

Succession to the throne takes place after the death of the former chief; the members of the committee of kingmakers would meet to select a candidate, the person whom they believed would perform the duties of the chiefdom satisfactory. Some of the qualities required for a candidate to be selected are simply respect to the constituted authorities and elders of the land, he must be from one of the male royal families, he must be very hardworking and not physically deformed.

Usually, the committed of kingmakers will select a person to assume leadership of the area then the chairman which is the Madaki from the female royal family will issue a directive to Madoci to call on everybody in the area. The ceremony will terminate with the putting of “Kanbi” on the head of the new chief signifying his authority over the land and people.

After more, that of IDU-KORO was fun to be witnessed as the turbaned persons (Mallam Mohammed Danteni – the newly crowned Madaki & Mallama Salamatu Akutu – the newly crowned Magajiya) celebrated and performed their rights before the masses. The occasion started with an opening prayer and then follow by ASSALA Dancing Steps by the elders and also the celebrants which requires of them to perform the “to-fro” movements accompanied with dancing steps for seven times.

By: Musa Muhammed-Mustapha | Reference: HRH Alh. (Dr.) Sani Muhammad Bako III.

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