Kurudu Community In Brief

For posterity sake, we (the original inhabitants of Kurudu – the Gwandara speaking people) wish to avail the history and background of the original inhabitants and as well as the founder of KURUDU community.

The people of Kurudu as the title implies, are of Gwandara ethnic extraction who migrated from Kano along with other Gwandara nationalities in the year 1365. The founder and leader of Kurudu at that time was MALLAM BIJIMI who was also the elder brother of the same parenthood with the founder (MALLAM DAN-BABA) of present day Karshi in the Federal Capital Territory  both of whom were Royal PRINCE from Kano’s MAGUZAWA descends.

It may interest you (readers) to know that as at the time MALLAM BIJIMI settled at Kurudu, there were no any community/ethnic group in the whole of the area, meaning we – the Gwandara were the first settlers. Kurudu village derived its’ name from the fact that the founder (MALLAM BIJIMI) who was a hunter usually used a musical instrument called in “Hausa Maguzawa” as “KURUNDU”, which he often used in attracting the animals. Later, the people visiting MALLAM BIJIMI usually said, we are going to visit the KURUNDU musical player and subsequently it was adopted as KURUDU by the people.

Similarly, at that time MALLAM BIJIMI use the custodian of the then KURUDU forest which was used for hunting. Other ethnic groups later came to settle with them, who equally hunt along with them in the forest. At the end of the day’s hunting they usual offer the lap of any animal they kill to the custodian of the forest (BIJIMI & his people) as sacrifice.


Location Summary:

Decimal Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude): 8.931 and 7.550. (Lat./Lng.) Coordinates by Time: N 8° 55′ 53″ and E 7° 33′ 0″. Spoken languages: Gwandara, Gbagyi, Hausa, Tiv, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani, English and many others.

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