Introduction to KCDA

Kurudu Community Development Association (KCDA) is an inherited association that has existed for decades ago through the impacts of elders and ancestors’ where the then traditional leaders where the cultural coordinators and the president.

According to history narrated; recently around 1980s – the need for Association’s Chairman was introduced while gradually replacing or reducing the work-loads of the traditional coordinators and the president. The Association has recorded numerous Chairpersons since its renewal in 1982 which was later registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on this day dated: 25th/04th/2012 with the registered identity; CAC/IT/NO 52105.

Aims and Objectives of the KCDA:

With respect to the existence of GWADECA National, GWADECA State Chapter, and as well as GWADECA Youth Wing (Sambari Nyamata Gwandara Development & Cultural Association) – Abuja Chapter, the additional aim and objectives of this association owns by Kurudu Community Youth Wing cannot be over emphasized but few are stated below:

  • Our aim and objectives shall be pursued in the greater interest of the community in general as to:
  • To develop leadership qualities within the community.
  • To encourage communities, societies, culture, sports, social and political activities.
  • To promote inter-cultural relations and welfare of people within and outside the community.
  • To organize different co-activities for and on behalf of the community.
  • To act as a channel of communication between the community and the world at large.
  • To provide opportunity for the expression of communal opinions within and outside the community.
  • To facilitate conductive communal environment for people.
KCDA's Mission & Vision Here!