KCDA’s Mission | Vision

We are indeed the true cultural valuers, therefore, our practical aim and objectives is to portray the true image of Kurudu Community any where, anytime – any moment! 

“With respect to the existence of GWADECA National, GWADECA State Chapter, and as well as GWADECA Youth Wing (Sambari Nyamata Gwandara Development & Cultural Association) – Abuja Chapter, our aim and objectives of this association owns by Kurudu Community Youth Wing cannot be over emphasized but few are stated below:

Mission Statement: 

To be involved in the development processes of culture and individuals towards the well being and success of the Kurudu Community through the provision of adequate developmental facilities and cultural identity within and outside our world.

Vision Statement:

To stand out as possible as the best cultural explorers, NGO, and showing out our identity to the world at large – is our primary vision.

Believed Statement:

  • We believe we will control the problems that result from our cultural heritages and identity.
  • We believe we will support many less privileged ones and as well as reaching out to set through their plans in life.
  • We believe we can reach out to them (less privileged ones) and with the your help of concerned individuals we can contribute to make life better as well as promoting our cultural heritage and identity.
  • We believe against all odds and all evidences that you will support or partner with us (KCDA) to reach out to Nigerian societies and individual in attempts to elevate culture and promote peace among us.
  • We believe with your support we can make the living condition of Kurudu Community more recognize world wide.
KCDA's Aims & Objectives Here!