KIPOF Message

We the members wish to call to your attention that; As you navigate our pages, we urge you to learn more about our vision and mission to make a difference for you and your family, neighbors, friends and co-workers. Get involved by attending our events, become a member, support us, make a financial contribution, volunteer, and use our pages to preach good leadership.

This is a critical moment for good governance of our dear community and country at large. As we work to elect conservative candidates and advance the  communal message of limited government, personal responsibility, economic freedom and fiscal accountability. Our efforts in community is to keeping and achieving victory in statewide elections and our local communities.

So if you’re tired of incompetent government and out of control taxes and regulations, then roll up your sleeves and help us spread our message. Your support is absolutely vital. Consider joining, contributing or volunteering TODAY!

Together we make a differenceMusa Muhammed-Mustapha!

KIPOF Vision