KUSU Executive Members

The Executive Committee of the Union shall consist of the following:

President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Auditor, Discipline, Welfare, And many more as time goes on.

All officers of the Union shall hold office for a stipulated time except in case of death, resignation, rustication, expulsion or dissolution or otherwise incapacitated on grounds of ill health.


Any member of the Executive Committee may, after giving, at least, one month’s notice, resign his/her seat.

Notice referred to in (a) above shall, in the case of the President, be given to the General Secretary and in the case of any other member of the Executive Committee to the President who shall notify the union. In the case of the President and General Secretary, the Vice-President and the Assistant General Secretary automatically step in. Where there is no deputy, a bye-election should be organized within 30 days or stipulated time scheduled.

A member of the Executive Committee shall be suspended from office after a primal face case of misconduct. The Council shall sit after days to review its earlier decision on such a suspended officer. The expiration of the term of office, resignation or removal of a member of the executive shall not absolve him/her from liabilities or irregularities committed by him/her during his/her term of office.

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