KUSU Memberships | Privileges

Ordinary Members

An ordinary member shall be any matriculated student of the Higher Institutions – pursuing a full-time degree/HND course of study, SSCE down to JSCE, provided that such a student shall have paid his/her Union subscriptions.

Honorary Members

The union may confer honorary membership on any person or persons by the reason of the interest of such a person or persons in students and academic matters, especially, as relating to the Union. A person shall be conferred with an honorary membership of the Union, through a motion to that effect, supported by not less than 2/3 of the members present and voting at a special meeting. Any persons so conferred with honorary membership of the Union shall be awarded a certificate signed by the President of the Union and the secretary as agreed by the members.

Life Members

Life membership shall be conferred on such past members of the Union as may be appointed by union to the Roll of Honours of the Students’ Union by reasons of their past activities in the Union and their interest and role in public life. Any person(s) so honoured with such an appointment shall be by a motion supported by 4/5th of the members present at a special meeting of KUSU and shall be awarded a certificate signed by the President and the secretary as agreed by the members.


Ordinary members shall have the privileges to:

Obtain on first registration, a copy of the Union’s Constitution on payment of prescribed fee, Use the facilities provided by the Union; Wear or display the official colours of the Union; Be members of recognized affiliated clubs and societies of the Union subject to the membership requirements of clubs and societies, provided that no club or society shall infringe on the fundamental human rights of any Union member; Participate in recognized meetings and functions of the Union, subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

Vote and be voted for; in approved Union elections. Append signature to a referendum requesting Extraordinary General Meetings.

Note that: KUSU participation is open to every student.

KUSU's Rules & Regulations