KUSU Rules | Regulations

KUSU Remarks:

There is no doubt, whatsoever, that Students’ Unionism is desirable in the community as it is link between the students, community and authorities. Towards this end, and in order to have responsible and visionary students’ leadership, the union have put in place a number of quality control measures for those who are aspiring to be student leaders in the community. One of these measures is that such student must have made a minimum cumulative grade point average as scheduled or agreed from the Students’ Union.

The union have always consciously encouraged students within and outside the community to join the body, and have always insisted on good quality leadership and as well as adding values to students.


In exercise of Kurudu Students’ Union powers, the union made the following preamble regulations:

  1. Before any resolutions, the Kurudu Students’ Union become effective, they must be backed by at least 51 percent of the general body of the union voting in a referendum supervised by the assigned union members. Any resolutions of this nature set out above not supported by a majority of the students/union as specified above shall be null and void, and any member found acting in accordance with such resolutions shall be guilty of misconduct.
  2. No resolutions of the nature set out in Regulation 1 above supported by a majority of the students/union shall become operative before the KUSU authorities have approved them. Any student or member found acting in accordance with such resolutions before approval by the union’s authorities shall be guilty of misconduct.
  3. The accounts and other relevant documentaries of the Student Union must be kept in accordance with the standards prescribed by the union. Any Student Union Executive or any other KUSU member who obstructs the prescribed standard shall be guilty of misconduct.
  4. Any KUSU member who advocates and/or uses violence for any purpose in the community for his/her selfish interest in order to tarnished the good image of KUSU shall be guilty of misconduct.
  5. Before any distinguished person outside the KUSU is invited by the union or member, there must be first-hand information provide to KUSU about the programme. Anyone who does not comply with this regulation shall be guilty of misconduct or not to be attended to at all.
  6. Any revision or amendment of the KUSU regulations ratified by the general body of the union – KUSU must be debated for approval before it becomes operative.
  7. Any provision of the Regulation which conflicts and favours with any Self-interest shall be null and void.
  8. These Regulations of KUSU are made without bias to the disciplinary powers conferred upon the union
  9. The Union is the representative of the entire body of students of the Kurudu Students’ Union (KUSU).
  10. All students are members of the Union by payment of an annual subscription, which is to be paid directly to the Union. However, student unionism is voluntary. In effect, students may opt out of membership of the Union.