Leadership System

Having known that, the people of Kurudu (Gwandara) as the title implies are of Gwandara ethnic extraction who migrated from Kano along with other Gwandara nationalities at about 14th century and as well known that the founder and leader of Kurudu Gwandara at that time was MALLAM BIJIMI who was also the elder brother of the same parenthood with the founder of present day Karshi in the Federal Capital Territory (MALLAM DAN-BABA), both of whom were Royal PRINCE from Kano’s MAGUZAWA descends, operate or spend their lives and culture on their own way of traditional ruling system.

This may interest the readers to know that as at the time MALLAM BIJIMI settled at this present day called Kurudu, there were no any community or ethnic group in the whole of the area, meaning we – the Gwandara were the first settlers; then after centuries, the Kpeigyi community of the Gbagyi speaking people join us at our great fore-fathers (ancestral) land popularly known as “minya” in Gwandara Language.

Later again, the other Gwagyi speaking people also join their speaking people (Kpeigyi settlers) but they were denied and sent to us – the Gwandara Speaking people been the original inhabitants. They came with their request and it was granted by the then village head – Sarki Mamu.

Kurudu community today is governed and as well ruled by Mallam Haliru Bako (the 26th, cultural and a well pronounced traditional village head); others that may interest you to know ever since the creation or founding of Kurudu will be sent to you on demand as you click the link below.

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